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LNKStat Status Report for Safety & Security
Date: 8/30/2017

DepartmentIndicatorDiscussed in LNKStat Meeting?
City AttorneyMaintain Prosecution Conviction Rate in County Court Above 90%
City AttorneyMaintain case/prosecutor ratio of 7,500 to 1 on cases handled
Lincoln Fire & RescueLF&R will achieve a CPR fraction of at least 80%
Lincoln Police DepartmentMaintain an injury traffic crash rate of no more than 750 crashes per 100,000 residents
Lincoln Police DepartmentHold the burglary rate of no more than 755 offenses per 100,000 residents (20% below the average for all cities within 50,000 of Lincoln’s population)
Lincoln Police DepartmentMaintain a case clearance rate of at least 24% (the national average is 19%)
Lincoln Police DepartmentHold the violent crime rate to 25% or below the average for cities within 50,000 of Lincolns Populations (452 offenses per 100,000 residents)
Mayors OfficeMaintain a low juvenile crime rate near targeted City community centers at no more than 350 offenses annually
Parks & Recreation DepartmentMaintain percent of youth program participants who report feeling safe at school age programs and that find activities useful and intresting 90%
Parks & Recreation DepartmentMaintain percent of parents and guardians who report that programs for their children are affordable and accessible at 90%
Public Works & UtilitiesClear snow accumulations by road priority and in accordance with prescribed levels of service
Public Works & UtilitiesTreat icy roadways, by road prirority and in accordance with prescribed levels of service