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Goal 6: Promote self sufficiency
Source: Aging-Mayors Department     HP Goal6     11/14/2016
About this measure:
Aging Partners (AP) consumer data is collected and compared to 2008-2012 American Community Survey data and US Census Bureau 2012 Population Estimates data to determine whether or not AP services are successfully targeting consumers who have incomes below the federal poverty level. To be counted, a consumer must complete a short intake via phone conversation or Aging Partners website inquiry.
Why this is important:
Studies of nursing home predictors have identified socioeconomic status as one factor impacting nursing home placement risk. Because people who live at or below the federal poverty line are at higher risk for nursing home entry, AP targets services to older adults who are impoverished. The limited financial resources of low-income older adults usually places the burden of payment for nursing home services on the public. AP services help protect the rights of older adults and prevent their abuse, neglect and exploitation.
What is being done:
AP provides consumers with access to licensed insurance agents who provide unbiased advice on navigating Medicare, long-term care & supplemental insurance and Medicaid. Consumers also work with financial counselors on a variety of financial needs and issues that are unique to individuals on a limited or fixed Social Security income including reverse mortgages and bankruptcy issues.

Adult Fare
Monthly Pass
Lincoln City, NE$1.75$17,
$8.00 Low Income
Lexington, KY$1$30
Lansing, MI$1.25$35
Little Rock, AR$1.35$36
Lafayette, LA$1$38
Tallahassee, FL$1.25$38
Fargo, ND$1.5$40
Waco, TX$1.5$40
Springfield, MO$1.25$45
Anchorage, AK$1.75$55
Note: Indicator is in the process of being updated.
Source: Public Works and Utilities Department     HP Goal6     7/15/2013