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Goal 4: Assure appropriate access to health care
Source: Health Department     HP Goal4     12/20/2016
About this measure:
The number of people receiving help in accessing health care from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department is derived from Information and Referral calls, case management activities, the Presumptive Eligibility Program, and information gathered from our electronic billing system. The population data is from Census and Estimated Uninsured population is derived from annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. The number of individuals connected to a medical home may fluctuate due to eligibility or process changes in Nebraska Medicaid, SSI/SSDI, and Lancaster County General Assistance or due to the availability of free or grant funded services such as the Medication Assistance Program, Health Hub, and free clinics.
Why this is important:
A substantial body of research shows there are serious health consequences when a person cannot access a regular source of health care (i.e. a medical home). Lack of health insurance is the main barrier to obtaining and maintaining a medical home. Having a large share of the population without health insurance affects not only those who are uninsured, but also the health and economic wellbeing of our community. The goal of the Community Health Services Division of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department is to assure that vulnerable populations are connected to a medical home. As the number of uninsured adults continues to increase, our services and partnerships with community agencies continues to be vital to addressing this challenge.
What is being done:
Once patients without a medical home receive nursing triage, we partner with agencies within the community to connect them with the appropriate source of care. Our partners include; Lancaster County General Assistance, Nebraska Medicaid, the Social Security Administration (disability benefits), the Community Mental Health Center, free clinics, the People’s Health Center (our community’s Federally Qualified Health Center), the Lancaster County Medical Society (Health 360, Medical Home Project, Medication Assistance Program), Lincoln ED Connections, the Health Hub, SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach Access & Recovery), both local hospitals, urgent care centers, and private providers.