Economic Opportunity

Goal 4: Available infrastructure for growth: streets, water, wastewater, drainage, power, parking
Source: Public Works and Utilities Department     EO Goal4     1/12/2015
About this measure:
The City’s goal is to complete 72 miles of streets and roads to meet the projected land use development needs laid out in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. This means approximately 2.5 miles of streets should be constructed each year to meet the goal and ensure a strong roadway system.
Why this is important:
Keeping up with street plans in the Comprehensive Plan helps the City reduce traffic congestion as the City grows and promote economic development and job creation.
What is being done:
City wheels taxes, federal aid, state gas tax and impact fees are devoted to building new streets. Even with the additional revenues generated by recent wheel tax increases, the City does not have the funds programmed to keep pace with the street construction envisioned in the Comprehensive plan.