Accountable Government

Goal 3: Ensure a fair and ethical resolution to discrimination complaints
Source: Human Rights     AG Goal3     3/23/2016
About this measure:
The funds the LCHR receives from their contract with the federal government for completion of cases is directly affected by the amount of time it takes to process them. Specifically, housing cases that are processed after the 100 day deadline has passed result in reduced case payment amounts. Longer case processing times also reduce the number of cases that can reasonably be completed during the contract year, thereby reducing the revenue generated under these contracts.
Why this is important:
Since case investigation is the primary function this office serves, case processing is our most tangible measure of effective and efficient service provision to the public.
What is being done:
Part-time support staff was hired in February of 2013 to assist the investigators with the following tasks: Answering phones, greeting the public, preparing documents for Commissioner review, closing files and copying documents for submission to federal agencies. Diversion of these tasks away from the investigators will free them to spend more of their workday in direct case-related activities.